Keeping Our Guests and Associates Safe

Q: What steps has Balducci’s taken to protect the health of their associates and guests?

Masks & Gloves: Based on new guidance from the CDC, All Balducci’s Associates are now required to wear protective face coverings and gloves. The CDC also recommends that our guests cover their faces while they shop.  While we understand there may be rare extenuating health issues that make this difficult for some, I am asking all of you to help protect our heroes in store. The CDC has a collection of easy make-at-home options here. A scarf or bandana works too, just double layer it.

Enforcing Bring Your Own, Bag Your Own: We’re now asking that if you bring your own bag, please bag your own groceries. If you’re using one of our bags, we’re happy to keep on bagging for you.

Prioritizing Good Hygiene: The CDC maintains that the best way to protect yourself from the virus is with frequent hand washing. We are providing continuous reminders about good hygiene practices and supporting our Associates with necessary resources. 

Closing Stores Earlier: Please check store hours here as we’ve made adjustments in store hours to give our associates more time to sanitize our stores as outlined by the FDA and restock the shelves.  

Offering Special Hours for Seniors & Immunocompromised Guests: Please be advised that we’re dedicating our first hour of service for seniors and immuno-compromised guests. As a courtesy, if you don’t identify in one of these groups, please refrain from shopping during this hour. See all store hours here.

Promoting Active Social Distancing in Stores: We’ve installed tape on the floors in all our stores as a visual reminder to keep 6-feet from each other while guests are in stores. We're closely monitoring the flow of customers in and out of our stores on an hourly and daily basis. Store managers are committed to staggering registers as volume permits.

Installing Red Bins in All Parking Lots: To make it easier for you to dispose your rubber gloves, we’ve placed red bins either in the center of the parking lot or near the cart corrals. Please keep an eye out for them. Our Associates will really appreciate the effort. 

Installing Plexiglass Shields: We’ve installed PlexiShields at all registers in all stores. As an added safety measure, we are taping the edges to prevent cuts and scratches.

Limiting Contact with Surfaces: Our Associates will happily enter your phone number on the register for you for your myBalduccis benefits. Additionally, all our carts, baskets and door handles are being wiped down regularly. Like all in the grocery industry, we are experiencing shortages of supply of wipes due to the increased demand.

Offering Grocery Delivery Through Instacart: We have ramped up our delivery program with Instacart which is experiencing an unprecedented demand. Standard same-day delivery times may be impacted. You will see the available delivery windows in the check-out process.

Suspending Sampling & Returns: We’ve temporarily suspended sampling and we can no longer accept returns and all sales are final.

Supporting The Community

Q: How are you supporting the community?

Supporting Community Food Banks: We’ve launched the Check-Out Hunger program in all stores where you can donate $1, $3 and $5; and 100% of your donations will go to your local Feeding America Food Banks.
Hiring Short Term Associates: We are currently staffing up in a number of positions across the stores. In addition to supporting current staff, we’re hoping that we’ll be able to help members of the community in the hospitality and retail sectors who are currently out of work. If you know of anyone who is looking for employment, please send them to us.

Inventory & Pricing

Q: How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect product availability and retail prices?

The coronavirus crisis has placed incredible pressure on the grocery industry due to the overwhelming increase in demand. Suppliers are working hard to keep up but it’s not uncommon for them to be behind on both manufacturing and delivery. We’re doing our best to source new suppliers to keep our shelves stocked, but invariably we will experience shortages.

For example, our head meat merchant has been working around the clock to find new sources and secure inventory as news about meat plants fills your screens. To keep our shelves full, he’s leaning into our local producer partners such as Thousand Hills, Local Harvest and Leidy’s, while also sourcing new partners including 44 Farms and Cooks Venture.  

In full transparency, we are fighting hard to limit the retail increases we’ll need to pass on as meat costs are rising at unprecedented rates. Also, there may be occasions when the variety of items could be challenged. But no need to worry, your summer grills will be stocked with the amazing quality and delicious options for which you’ve come to know and love Balducci's. We also highly recommend swinging by the fish counter. Our selection there is growing every day. 

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